A representative democracy is only truly representative if every single citizen is guaranteed the inalienable right to vote in fair and open elections.

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Did you know 18% of HD 25 adults over 25 lack a high school diploma? 22% of our households make less than $25,000 per year. Patrick Henry will support stronger adult education and training programs.  As a life long learner and educator he will demand K-12 funding reform. He will address higher education costs and student debt in Texas. These are vital issues if Texas is to continue to grow and flourish.

Watch Patrick speak on education and his goals for Texas public schools at the For the Future Forum hosted by Brazosport ISD.

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Patrick Henry  supports the Texas Fair Justice Act. We do not need to lead the country in incarcerations. We do not need private corporate prisons. Bail reform, community reentry, diversion programs, fostering a positive approach with employers, and improving community policing and training are among the pressing issues Henry hopes to address.

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Home rule cities must be allowed to do just that, rule themselves. The state’s war on cities and counties must stop. Rules followed by local officials must also be followed by state legislators. State legislators need to stay out of your bedroom, your bathroom, and your doctor’s office. Instead of gutting offices of planning and budget, they must be strengthened. Programs must be addressed on merit not profit.

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Why are we a leader in infant mortality and uninsured children? We must address health care for all as much as possible at the state level. Instead of asking what the cost of improved health care is we should ask what the cost of failing to do so is. A healthy Texas is an economic necessity.

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Texas needs immigrants, full stop. We must push for reforms that make it easier to obtain a legal work status. We must discontinue a war of words and expensive hollow gestures and do what we can at the state level and push for reform at the federal level. Hypocritical scapegoating of immigrants has to stop. This is an economic must as well as a moral imperative.

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Farming and ranching, the production of food and fiber, is one of the most important factors in our national security and economic vibrance.

Texas leads the way in agriculture and if it grows, there is somewhere in Texas
you can grow it. Henry will work with the Texas Farm Bureau and with HD 25 farmers and ranchers on issues vital to their survival and profitability. Listed below are some of the most pressing issues.

 Labor, sensible reforms to legally allow farm laborers into this country.
 Water, too much, too little, in the wrong place and at too high a price.
 Rural High Speed Internet Access, a must for agribusiness and farm and ranch families.
 Eminent Domain, practices, policies, procedures, compensation, and the fight to take farmland for economic development.
 Loss of farmland, fighting rising land costs and taxes, ensuring future generations of farmers and ranchers.
 Trade, demand that out farmers and ranchers not be held hostage in trade wars and that subsidies are weighted towards family farmers and ranchers and not huge corporate organizations.
 Regulation, protection of the environment and livestock must be based on sound science no sound
bites. Policies must be based on best methods not Facebook memes.

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Climate change is here and now and must be addressed immediately. Texas can have clean air, clean water, and clean power with more jobs and economic growth. Texas has and can continue to lead the country in clean renewable power generation. We must protect our public lands from degradation. We must be good stewards of our private land to prevent drowning in poorly planned development. Since cars are the leading cause of air pollution, public transportation must be expanded.


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