I can’t think of a better way to begin the job of reclaiming our state government to focus on the needs of the people of Texas than to send a teacher to Austin to represent us. Mr. Henry knows the needs of public education and he has experience in local government. He knows the importance of well run government in our lives. Let’s put a teacher in a place to do something that comes naturally to teachers: create an environment where today’s youth can grow, learn, and become leaders in a world of peace and prosperity for all our people.

Tom Fowler, Lake Jackson

"I've worked/served with Patrick Henry for many years. He is well educated, reasonable man with a heart for service. He would actually represent the people of House District 25."

Jamae Bowman,president of Keep Brazoria County Beautiful Association and former Lake Jackson city councilwoman

"The Republican establishment is killing Texas and needs to be stopped. I support Patrick Henry because the people of HD 25 need progressive change."

Joseph Villanueva, Maragorda County

Patrick Henry has always had my vote but has now earned my support (...they are two different things)

Patrick is running to replace former House Speaker Dennis Bonnen in House District 25.

At first glance he can appear boring as hell, but when you dig deeper you find a man who is:

- progressive....

- socially conscience....

- extremely intelligent....

- politically savvy...

- a fighter...

- well versed....

- experienced in local government (former Mayor of Angleton)

- uncompromising in his values...

- a listener....

- a doer....

- an ally.....

Robert Williams, longtime Civil Rights activist and criminal justice reform advocate, Brazoria

“As an appointed State Musician of Texas, mom, volunteer and social justice activist, the well being of my family, neighbors and community has been tantamount in writing and singing the songs I do, whether performing at Carnegie Hall or at The Outrigger of Palacios. District 25 has the need for a leader who will protect our environment—including our coastline, the migratory birds and their nesting grounds, the fishing/shrimping industry, our farmlands—against pollution and corporate plant waste. We need Patrick Henry to represent us—he’s been a mayor; a hard working, present educator and someone who asks for feedback, listens and gets things done. I stand with Patrick Henry to represent all of Matagorda County in our capitol of Austin."

Sara Hickman, Texas musician

"Honest and dedicated to the improvement of education for all!"

Patty Weber Bing, retired educator

"Patrick has been involved in politics for a long time. He's a retired teacher and will work for teachers, and for all of us. Glad he's running."

Sheila Massey Conner

"Known Patrick for years, and I’ve always been impressed with his commitment to public service as an educator, local government leader, and community member."

Greg Haston, Angleton

I have known Patrick, both personally and professionally, for over thirty years. During that time, I’ve come to appreciate him as a person of principle with the courage to act. As an educator, he worked to reach the best outcome for each of his students. As a citizen, he sought and held public office, culminating in five years as Mayor of Angleton. He’ll represent us in Austin with the same work ethic and commitment.

Carole Nielsen, Lake Jackson, retired Angleton ISD teacher

I taught for 7 years at AHS under the mentorship of both Kathy Lowe Henry and Patrick Henry for HD 25 and saw how both of them inspired students AND teachers to think on their own, think outside the box, and always challenge the bottom line.

I truly believe Patrick will put Public Education as a priority and can only dream of the changes possible with a veteran teacher in Austin.

GO PATRICK! You may not have his signs in your yard, but his voice can truly inspire change for our future!

Nina Alborzi Gore, Lake Jackson



Teacher highest rated HD-25 candidate

Former public school teacher Patrick Henry, currently an educator at Brazosport College, was recommended by Texans for Public Education in state House District 25. 

Henry does not support using public funds for private schools. 

For more on what Patrick Henry will do to support public education in Texas, check out his recent Op-Ed on state testing in 2021


I follow hundreds of Democratic candidates on Facebook and Patrick Henry is one of the most hard-working Dems in Texas. He’s been writing letters to all of the mayors in the district, attending Black Lives Matter protests, campaigning with other local Democratic candidates, and even cooking meals for his volunteers. 
Which is how I know that if Patrick Henry gets elected he will work just as hard in Austin as he does in his campaign. This is something we can all rest assure with.

Living Blue in Texas



February 4, 2020

Patrick Henry picked up an endorsement Tuesday from the Texas Democrats with Disabilities caucus. 

Texas State of Representatives House District 25 candidate Henry supports the movement for disability justice and pledges to represent the rights of all Texans. 

According to the most recent published US Census Bureau data, 6.3% of Brazoria County residents and 10.9% of  Matagorda County under the age of 65 are living with a disability. 

"I am thrilled to have the endorsement of the Texas Democrats with Disabilities," Henry said. "I will advocate for equality and be a voice in Austin. As an educator I know the sky is the limit for all when there's a level playing field. We must continue to preserve and enhance the rights of disabled Texans."



July 8, 2020

Patrick Henry's campaign has been awarded the 2020 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.

Moms Demand Action is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, and is the nation’s largest grassroots volunteer network working to end gun violence in America. With nearly six million supporters and volunteer chapters in every state, Moms Demand Action campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families.

Please note, however, that the Gun Sense Candidate distinction is not an endorsement from Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund or its volunteer network. Instead, it is a signal to supporters, volunteers and voters across the country that a candidate stands for gun violence prevention and will govern with gun safety in mind, if elected.



Jan 15, 2020: 

“I am proud to receive the recommendation for endorsement by Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. I will always stand up for working families, and fight for fair wages, workplace protections, and dignity at work. When working people win, we all win.”

“I will always stand up for working families in the Texas legislature, and that’s why I’m so proud to receive a recommendation for endorsement from the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO.”

“The Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO stands up for working people across Harris County, and I’m so proud to have received their recommendation for endorsement today.”

-Patrick Henry



The people of House District 25 are my biggest priority; no special interests and no hidden agenda. Please let me know if I can count on your vote and support in this upcoming election. Together we can make a difference.

Will you be listed on our endorsement list?

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